Effective scoping studies ensure that developers, communities and local and national authorities are given the shopping list of information that they need to make the right and appropriate decisions. Planning incorporates a wide range of issues and interests that can be brought to life through links with local businesses, like ABP Southampton. The guest speakers and wealth of quality link building services information that ABP has provided to the University over the past seven years have been of immense value to the students, who are able to apply their academic work to real-life examples of development processes in the area.

The University of Southampton s first-degree BSc course in Environmental Sciences is one of the top courses of its kind in the country, providing students with a well-balanced mix of academic training and practical experience. It is a very complex exercise, so Marianne and Elinaare to be congratulated on producing such thorough and well-presented reports. I am delighted that we are able to support such a deserving and enthusiastic student as Jo. The Trust, which is supported by Associated British Ports (ABP), owners and operators of the Port of Southampton, not only organises annual lectures on maritime matters but also promotes developments in the port and shipping industries.

The Wakeford Maritime Lectures Trust is named after the late Captain George Whalley Wakeford, Director of the then-University School of Navigation (now Warsash Maritime College) from 1935 1971. With the support of Associated British Ports (ABP), owner and operator of the Port of Southampton, who has come aboard as a major sponsor of the community event, the festival, once again, promises to be alive with a dramatic mix of colour and music, including a street procession led by drumming group, Banda Bat 2K.

The annual event is a major highlight in the city s calendar and this year s maritime theme of Gateway for the World will emphasise the port s connection with the city, as well as celebrate the shared heritage and rich cultural diversity that exist among the people of St Mary s. Everything will be ship-shape for this year s St Mary s Community Festival which will be held on Saturday, 10 July 2004, at St Mary s Church, Southampton.


They have reacted strongly to the manner in which the charge has been announced and will be imposed. These companies have already indicated their intention to resist paying the charges.The Secretary of State for Transport has asked the Highways Agency to study the benefits that might be gained in journey time reliability and congestion reduction by introducing short-term traffic management techniques, such as use of hard shoulder at peak periods.

‘The M1 north of Chesterfield and the M62 are strategic routes for regional, national and international freight traffic and as such this study is very welcome.Congestion and widely varying journey times on these motorways are putting additional pressure and cost on businesses based in, delivering to, or travelling through South and West Yorkshire.However, FTA and its members remain concerned that this study is not being carried out on a national basis.

Improvements could be made to traffic flows at the key congestion points throughout the motorway network, with a positive knock-on effect on regional Trade Routes.’This week’s dire weather forecasts predict widespread problems on UK roads likely to Internet Marketing Services impact on lorry operations, delaying deliveries and causing difficulties for supermarkets, retailers, factories, offices, schools, hospitals etc.

If you’ve got it then it came on a lorry – slow the lorry down and you slow down the UK economy and inconvenience consumers – that’s all of us.And on the other hand the vehicles seeking to keep the roads open – the ploughs, gritters and salters –are also commercial vehicles run by FTA members. In this case local authorities or their contractors.Hopefully, preparations on all sides will overcome the worst which the weather has to chuck at us! However, there are bound to be incidents and stories.Do not hesitate to contact the FTA press office for comment, information or broadcast interview on what may be a difficult few days.


It is certainly advantageous to do this now while rates are so low, and as you are voluntarily overpaying as much or as little as you want, when you want, you can revert to the new, lower monthly payment at any time. If this is something you would like to consider, ensure you choose a mortgage deal that allows penalty-free overpayments. This does not necessarily have to be a flexible mortgage, as a deal that allows early redemption will work just as well.

This is also a good opportunity to move house and start again, since the amount of equity you have accumulated will ensure you can put down a sizeable deposit and cover your moving costs. On top of this, your income should have increased since you first took out the mortgage and your money should go further as rates are much lower than they were in 1997.

The downside is that property prices are much higher and, with this in mind, I would strongly suggest you analyse how much you can comfortably afford to borrow before you search for a property, so you know what price range you can afford. website seo sydney With interest rates remaining on hold for yet another month, the much- anticipated rise in the Bank of England base rate is looking increasingly unlikely.

As a result, banks and building societies are borrowing more cheaply in the money markets and passing those savings on to home buyers, with some of the best-value fixed-rate deals seen in a long time. Swap rates, the rate at which lenders lend money to each other, have been falling dramatically in the past couple of weeks. The two-year rate, for example, has fallen from 5.04 per cent at the beginning of July to 4.38 per cent in the middle of last week. Combined with low inflation and poor stock market returns, this has had a direct impact on the mortgage market.