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Thanks to Bob Benedict CAE for his years of service to adelaide property valuers. Bob is starting a new Chapter in life and moving to Spain. He has resigned the NSAE Board and his Treasurer�s position. Anyone wanting to join the NSAE Board should contact Maury.

Member dues have been mailed. If you have not paid please do so ASAP. This is a great time to join if you are not already a member. We have a great set of seminars with Reno and Las Vegas locations for face to face discussion. Check us out and Join Today!

Credit Card payment is now available. Add your credit card number, CV#, Expiration Date along with the name and address associated with the credit card and fax to Maury. We will accept Credit cards for dues or Seminars.

Meetings for 2012

July 26 – Surviving Your Serengeti

September 27 – Topic: To Be Announced

We need volunteers for speaking in future months.

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NSAE is looking for more members in the active and allied categories and remembers we have revised our dues. Click on our dues link for an online form you can fill out and mail in with a check. We do not take credit cards yet, but hope to in the future when we have more members to serve.

Go to our Dues link to see the new categories of members and their respective dues amounts. We have several seminars for 2012, added credit card capability and will soon offer Biz Library and extend our credit card program to you as a member benefit which you can then pass on to your members as a nondues income source.

We have added reduced rates for additional members from the same organization, a student rate and others. Joining will give you benefits at member rates and all the news affecting associations. Several members have added staff as NSAE members as our seminars are targeting various areas of expertise. Great for one or two person associations or for larger associations who want to send one of their specialists.

We are also looking for ideas on seminars and webinars that you or your staff would attend. Email your ideas to Maury for a great education program in 2010.


How is your experience about first property valuation?

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Anybody living or working in Fife who has an interest in the way rubbish is produced, treated, recycled and disposed of and wishes their views to be considered should take this opportunity to comment. The Fife Area Waste Group has published its Waste Issues Paper to stimulate discussion about the future of rubbish management in the Kingdom and outline six possible options. The Highland Waste Strategy Group is consulting on five options for managing the area’s waste in the future.

The Highland Council is entering into a Public Private Partnership to manage municipal waste produced in the area for the next 25 years. The Longman landfill site, which takes 65% of all waste produced in the area, is due to close in 2003. Currently nearly all of this waste ends up in landfill sites however all this is set to change in the very near future. The sheer size of the area poses particular difficulties Highland bin lorries travel 1,823,000 kilometres every year round the world 45 times or to the moon and back twice.

People also wanted to see more waste reduction so that we have even less waste to deal with in the future. The responses from the last public consultation, held in March and April 2001, gave us valuable information, which helped us to determine a better way of treating the rubbish produced in the area. The plan will be published in late September and a series of public meetings, which will be advertised in the local press, will follow soon after.