Yet another brand, Dell Inc., does not allow publishers to link directly to explore Direct-to-Merchant linking. The list of merchants and brands who will not allow anything that even remotely sounds like DTM includes names like Apple, Office Depot Inc., and Best Buy Co., just to name a few. It seems that the idea behind PPC affiliate marketing without a website will not be allowed much leeway, and the trend seems to be similar across many other affiliate programs too.

Most reasons sighted and hinted on distrust and unethical practices, where certain publishers will do anything to get their hands on a piece of the seo company pie. The misery for marketers wanting to experiment with Direct-to-merchant linking is deepened when search engine services like Google starts having policies that forbid such practices by not allowing more than one unique display URL per ad copy. Policies and practices like this will naturally send multiple red flags to merchants, who as a result, will actively pursue disallowing DTM in their affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing has it’s merits, and in order to achieve much needed consistency in transparency of services provided and methods of application in PPC campaigns, it is advisable and even strongly recommended to a thorough due diligence check on individual merchant Terms of Services for affiliate programs prior to investing resources into Direct-to-Merchant PPC campaigns. This acquisition, and the potential for innovative and clear ways of running affiliate marketing.

Has come to prove the viability of the industry as a whole, as long as there is strong sense of respect and authority of partnership. From Terms of Services for affiliate programs, structured by merchants, to creating a value laden system of communication and compensation, affiliate can further it’s positive reputation through any looking glass. With the trust and outlook demonstrated by Time Warner in acquiring StyleFeeder.


They have reacted strongly to the manner in which the charge has been announced and will be imposed. These companies have already indicated their intention to resist paying the charges.The Secretary of State for Transport has asked the Highways Agency to study the benefits that might be gained in journey time reliability and congestion reduction by introducing short-term traffic management techniques, such as use of hard shoulder at peak periods.

‘The M1 north of Chesterfield and the M62 are strategic routes for regional, national and international freight traffic and as such this study is very welcome.Congestion and widely varying journey times on these motorways are putting additional pressure and cost on businesses based in, delivering to, or travelling through South and West Yorkshire.However, FTA and its members remain concerned that this study is not being carried out on a national basis.

Improvements could be made to traffic flows at the key congestion points throughout the motorway network, with a positive knock-on effect on regional Trade Routes.’This week’s dire weather forecasts predict widespread problems on UK roads likely to Internet Marketing Services impact on lorry operations, delaying deliveries and causing difficulties for supermarkets, retailers, factories, offices, schools, hospitals etc.

If you’ve got it then it came on a lorry – slow the lorry down and you slow down the UK economy and inconvenience consumers – that’s all of us.And on the other hand the vehicles seeking to keep the roads open – the ploughs, gritters and salters –are also commercial vehicles run by FTA members. In this case local authorities or their contractors.Hopefully, preparations on all sides will overcome the worst which the weather has to chuck at us! However, there are bound to be incidents and stories.Do not hesitate to contact the FTA press office for comment, information or broadcast interview on what may be a difficult few days.